CocoaCollider is an Objective-C bridge for SuperCollider in the style of RubyCocoa and PyObjC. It bridges the best environment in the world for building user interfaces with the best environment for doing sound synthesis.

CocoaCollider v0.16 Universal
CocoaCollider is distributed as part of a complete SuperCollider build. This build is Universal, based on the latest Subversion revision (as of 12/31/06) and includes a number of 3rd party plugins:
Getting started
After downloading CocoaCollider, you will find a link to the documentation in the "Miscellaneous Topics" section of SuperCollider's main help document. The CocoaCollider documentation includes an introductory tutorial and several examples.
v0.16 release - fixed crash when returning NSRange.
v0.15 release - removed some accidental debugging messages.
v0.1 release - first public release.
You can email the author at ryan@wabdo.com. You can also email the SuperCollider mailing list after subscribing.
CocoaCollider v0.16 Source Code
CocoaCollider includes several changes to the SuperCollider code base. These changes are listed in the MODS file in the above download. The build system has also been totally revamped. All the legacy targets have been upgraded to XCode v2.4 targets, including all unit generator plugins. Universal targets for all bundled 3rd party UGens are included.